Power module
Prime 1825 kW
Continuous 1400 kW
Proven & reliable fuel efficient Caterpillar 3516B engine.

Caterpillar SR4B H class alternator with Caterpillar Digital Voltage Regulator (CDVR).

50Hz or 60Hz operation.

Auto paralleling and loading using package mounted controls.

CSC certified, sound attenuated 40' ISO high cube container provides ease of transport.
XQ2000 XQ2000 XQ2000

Summary data information

  50 Hz 60 Hz
Engine/ Generator Information Cat 3516B/ SR4B Alternator
Maximum Electrical Output (Continuous Power Rating) 1.4 MW 1.6 MW
Maximum Current (Amperes) 2020 2099
Nominal Output Voltage- Phase to Phase (Volts) 400 440
Voltage Tolerance (+/-) 10% 10%
Overall Length (metres) 12.19 12.19
Overall Width (metres) 2.44 2.44
Overall Height (metres) 2.9 2.9
Weight – Fuel Level at 5% or Minimum Fuel 29,000 kg approx. 29,000 kg approx.
Operational capabilities Island Mode or Fixed Power Loading
Above are estimated consumption values only.
This is summary data only and not a full specification, specifications may vary.

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