Power module
Power kW 5200 kW (60 Hz)
  4900 kW (50 Hz)
All-in-one package provides dual fuel solution (diesel and gas).

Includes integrated high voltage switchgear inside a dedicated control room; the provision of an auxiliary transformer and optional neutral earthing resistor cuts down engineering and installation work significantly.

Robust, yet simple to assemble and commission with high voltage connection points readily accessible for cable installation.
XQ2000 XQ2000 XQ2000 XQ2000 XQ2000

Summary data information

  50 Hz 60 Hz
Engine/ Generator Information Solar Turbine Taurus 60 Turbine
Maximum Electrical Output (Continuous Power Rating) 4.9 MW 5.2 MW
Maximum Current (Amperes) 240 257
Nominal Output Voltage- Phase to Phase (Kilovolts) 11 12.47 or 13.8
Voltage Tolerance (+/-) 0.5% 0.5%
Overall Length (metres) 14.7 14.7
Overall Width (metres) 6.4 6.4
Overall Height (metres) 7.2 7.2
Weight – Fuel Level at 5% or Minimum Fuel 54M ton approx. 54M ton approx.
Dual Fuel Capability Natural Gas and Diesel # 2
Operational capabilities Island Mode or Fixed Power Loading
System Protection Utility Grade Protection Relay
System Protection Neutral Grounding Resistor Unit
Control System Allen Bradley PLC-5 Allen Bradley PLC-5
Above are estimated consumption values only.
This is summary data only and not a full specification, specifications may vary.

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