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On The Topic Of A Cat Diesel Generator

Diesel generators are the most common kinds of generators in the world today, not only because of the abundance of this specific type of fossil fuel, but also because diesel generators are among the most powerful and most reliable generators known to man.

The Cat Diesel Generator

CAT, or Caterpillar is a company that has a long and proud history in the manufacturing of a wide array of industrial machineries and vehicles. And because of its flawless track record, the brand has been known to be a mark of reliability, and superb quality. Thus far, this company shows no signs of ever slowing down, and no other brand can surpass its prowess in the world of industrial utilities.

Cat Diesel Generators are among the best, if not the best diesel generators in the market today. These machines are built to last, and are equipped with a rock solid heavy duty design to helps it to work perfectly in even the harshest of climates and conditions, conditions that can quite easily destroy generators of lesser make and quality.

Cat Diesel Generator; Unique Features

Cat Diesel Generators come in a wide range of different models, but all of these industrial diesel generators all have the capacity to produce multiple megawatt levels of power.

Depending on the year it was made and the specific model, these industrial diesel generators may have a fuel tank capacity of anywhere between 20 thousand to 68 thousand litres. And a fully equipped generator already comes with its own transformers, cable ramps, LV cables, and transformers.

These diesel generators also boast a set of high-quality features such as, an integral fuel tank design, sound attenuated canopies with a lockable feature, first-rate CAT engines, lifting facilities, very accessible and user friendly controls, auto and manual start up capabilities, low emission engines, and last but not least, a highly modular design for fast and easy set up and break down.