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Cat Diesel Generators

The Utility Of Cat Diesel Generators

Caterpillar, or simply Cat, is one of the world’s most reliable brands when it comes to utilities used by the industrial world. It also happens to be one of the largest manufacturers of such products, one of which is its range of diesel generator sets, widely recognised as an industry-standard remote power supply equipment.

What does a company get from a Cat diesel generator? The answers are durability and reliability.

Cat provides a comprehensive fleet of portable diesel generators that were designed to work perfectly in areas that cannot afford to lose power supply at any given point.

Functions Of Cat Diesel Generators

Cat’s diesel generators come in three functions: as prime power, stand-by power, and for peak-shaving. All these have one goal: to ensure a steady supply of electricity using diesel so an operation is not interrupted. As prime power source, the Cat diesel generator serves as a project’s main source of power, whereas as a stand-by power source, it serves as a substitute to projects in case power is cut off from the power grid. As a peak-shaving mechanism, it augments a higher need for energy which the main power grid may not be able to sustain at any given point.

Features Of Cat Diesel Generators

Diesel generators from Cat feature integral fuel tanks, lockable sturdy sound attenuated canopies, high-efficiency Cat engines, and auto or manual start capabilities. They also feature an easy customer connection, lifting facilities, and easy operation and accessibility. These features are especially important in remote sites, where provisions and ancillary tools that are compatible with a specific power-generating facility are often scarce or even non-existent at all.

Cat’s diesel generators are powered by Cat engines. They are easy to permit, install, and test, and provide excellent response and a sturdy, steady performance every time. These generators were also designed to have low emissions while maintaining the world-class efficiency that the Cat brand has been known for.