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Caterpillar Generator

Two Types Of Caterpillar Generator

Cat, or Caterpillar is a brand that is synonymous with reliability. This company is a real giant in the world of industrial utilities and machinery, and one of their most successful line of heavy duty equipment are their industrial generators. This article will tackle two of the most widely used models of Caterpillar Generator, the CAT XQ5200 gas turbine generator, and the CAT Diesel Generators.

Gas Turbines Caterpillar Generator

Caterpillar’s XQ5200 generator is a state of the art turbine power generator that is powered by the latest Solar 5.2 MW Taurus 60 gas turbine. This machine was created to fill the need for an on-site generating system that has very minimal emissions, and this all thanks to its very reliable SoLoNO™ Combustion System.

And that is not all, the whole generator is even designed with a sound attenuation package to make it run as quietly as possible, making the XQ5200 an ideal choice for use in highly populated urban areas.

For its operational features, the XQ5200 boasts a short start of 6 minutes from cold start, and its diverse range of control system options allows the entire machine to be operated remotely.

And last but not least, this gas turbine generator showcases a highly mobile design that allows it to be assembled and relocated in mere minutes.

Diesel Caterpillar Generator

Being the more common type of industrial power generators, CAT Diesel generators are available in a wide array of different models.

Most of these diesel generators are able to provide 2000kVA of power, and are equipped with integral fuel tanks with a capacity ranging from 20 thousand to 68 thousand litres, depending on the specific model.

These types of industrial generators are also built to be punished, and they are equipped with all the necessary safeguards to be able to operate in even the most unforgiving terrains and locations around the world. And much like the gas turbines generators, these diesel generators are also designed to be easily transportable.