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The Diesel Generator

For many industries working far off from the reach of main power lines, the need for electricity–specifically, a high and constant supply of it–is one of the most important aspects of operations. Needless to say, it is a topmost priority that needs to be secured before operations even start.

Because of this, Diesel Generators have become the lifeblood of all remote operations in some of the world’s largest industries–construction, mining, oil and gas, utilities, industrial, and agriculture, just to name a few.

What Does A Diesel Generator Do?

As any layman would know, a generator works to substitute energy from power grids during power interruptions, whether in homes, commercial establishments, or factories. Diesel-powered generators, for their part, uses diesel to power this generator unit for it to provide a continuous flow of power to a particular site. Its difference from ordinary generators, of course, is that it serves as the main power line of remote areas instead of a potent alternative.

This is why companies must not sacrifice quality for convenience or cost–they simply cannot take the risk of setting their operations in peril of stoppage or any form of interruption because of faulty power generation.

For large-scale projects with access to the main power grid, meanwhile, diesel-powered generators are still a reliable alternative when power interruptions occur. In this sense, diesel-powered generators are used as stand-by power. During peak periods, when demand for power is higher and the current supply from the grid cannot sustain the need, diesel-powered generators are also used. In this case, power sourcing becomes two-way.

A typical setup for diesel-powered generators includes the 2000-kVA generator units, the fuel tanks where the diesel supply is stored, transformers, distribution equipment, as well as some ancillary equipment (cables and ramps).

Reliable Diesel Generators

Caterpillar is one of the world’s most trusted brands in Diesel Generators. Simply called CAT, this brand has been tried and tested for reliability and sturdiness, withstanding even extreme operational conditions across a wide variety of industries.