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Large industries with a huge demand for power generation especially in remote areas turn to Generator Rental to ensure a continuous supply of energy for their needs.

Industries that are heavily reliant on this power supply mechanism include the industrial field, utilities, mining, oil and gas, and agriculture. Each of their needs vary, thus the need for specialised but still reliable sources of power to ensure smooth daily operations even under extreme conditions.

The Need For Environment-friendly Power Generation Through Generator Rental

While the role of power rental is crucial in all industries, its impact on the environment remains an important concern. Fuel, after all, is a limited resource and the demand for it is constantly high.

This is where alternatives to remote power generation come to the picture. On-site power generators just the same, an environment-friendly power mechanism has low emissions (if possible, no visible emissions) arising from its use of SoLoNO Combustion System.

These units are typically noise-less during operation. They are built with low profile design to minimise their installed height, thus making them portable and thus conducive for extreme on-site conditions.

Generator Rental: The XQ5200

One such environment-friendly power generating unit is the XQ5200. This features low emissions and is perfect for remote setups, serving the purpose of on-site power generation quite well for industries with high and constant power demand.

Its modular design makes it easy to transport and use anywhere (no need for any concrete foundation for it to run). This makes the XQ5200 a space-saver too.

Apart from these, it is also versatile as it can use either diesel or natural gas for fuel. It has Solar’s 5.2 MW Taurus 60 industrial gas turbine, which means it performs just as well as the Taurus 60 industrial gas turbine, this time in a remote setting.

Generator Rental companies can offer the  XQ5200 for either long-term or short-term usage. Companies who need a reliable short-term power generator will especially find this useful and more economical while getting the same quality and reliability.