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General Features Of Caterpillar Power Generation Units

The Caterpillar brand is trusted by big and small industries alike for its reliability. Caterpillar power generators are known for possessing the qualities that most industries require for efficiency: compact designs, ease of transportation, eco-friendliness, economy, and durability.

Aside from this, Caterpillar’s worldwide network of dealers can respond well to client concerns, providing immediate troubleshooting and assistance, which other brands may not be as capable of providing.

Characteristics That Define Caterpillar Power Generation Units

Caterpillar’s set of Power Generation units, both diesel and turbine-powered, are known for their low sound emissions. This is because units, such as the XQE power generators, are equipped with noise-absorbent materials contoured in a cleverly designed body.

Aside from this, Caterpillar’s generators are also known for their durability and longer running time compared with other brands. This quality is attributable to a redesigned fuel tank that allows for up to eight hours of full performance at full load in prime applications.

Other Characteristics Of Caterpillar Power Generation Units

Aside from these, Caterpillar units are also known for being very easy to transport, set up, and maintain. These qualities make them the perfect portable power sources for offshore locations, and because they are low-maintenance, they also are excellent choices for long-term use. Most of the serviceable parts of a Caterpillar generator are located on just one side, and these are covered by hinged doors, which makes troubleshooting easier than most units. These units are also outfitted with sump drain pumps and door stays to access doors.

Caterpillar’s XQE generators come in a complete packaged solution. Each generator includes fuel tanks, cables, delivery, commissioning, as well as operation, which eliminates the need for firms to outsource each of these before they can even operate a generator they had just purchased.

As flexible as these units are, they are best as primary power sources, standby power sources, or else peak shaving power sources.