Turbine Generator

Power Generator

The Different Kinds Of A Power Generator

Power Generators can never be removed from the daily life cycle of any industry that requires electric power to run its whole gamut of operations.

This includes factories, oil and gas exploration facilities, construction sites, agricultural lands, any type of remote accommodation, and mining. Most often than not, these operations are located in areas where power is nowhere to be sourced. If there is, it’s usually a limited supply that cannot sustain the very high and continuous demand of these industries.

For this purpose, industries can turn to energy rental services for their remote power generation equipment. Two of the most common are the diesel-powered generators and the turbine-powered generators.

The Diesel Power Generator

The diesel-powered generators use diesel as their primary fuel. Companies working in remote areas will particularly need portable units of diesel generators. These units must be easy to install, start, and operate, not requiring any other part or tool aside from what is already included in the equipment itself.

The Turbine Power Generator

The turbine-powered generators, on the other hand, are fuel-flexible: they use natural gas or diesel to operate, and like the diesel-powered generators, they are also designed for portability and ease of use. These are also made easy to transport, give off low emissions, and can be rented in either short or long terms.

Turbine-powered generators are very easy to operate. They can be dispatched online in six minutes from cold start, and their control system operations provide for remote control as well.

For companies on the lookout for the best brand for any or both of these generators, Caterpillar is one of the best choices. A world leader in manufacturing engines and other equipment used in industries, Caterpillar’s range of diesel and turbine-powered generators carry the brand’s widely recognised reputation for producing sturdy, flexible material that will fit any company’s stringent operations and rigorous working conditions.