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Turbine Power Rental And Its Advantages

Power generation has gone down as one of the biggest loopholes in the operations of companies in remote locations. The absence of a stable power facility in the form of the main power grid exposes these industries to the vulnerabilities of unstable, and sometimes inexistent, power.

Incidentally, companies who need power all the more are precisely the ones operating remotely as well. Industries such as mining, agriculture, and oil and gas are heavy-duty industries that cannot afford even a second of power interruption. What do these companies typically do then to avoid company losses and ensure continued operations despite the severe lack in resources?

Turbine Power Rental Explained

Turbine power is one of the more common sources of short term power in remote industries. Some of the most salient features of turbine power generation are its low emissions, fairly easy setup process, and a very reliable power supply.

Turbine power generators use a variety of materials to produce electricity, making it a versatile and flexible power generation tool. It may use either natural gas or diesel, whichever is more accessible in a particular industry’s location.

Turbine Power Rental For Industries

Caterpillar or CAT is a world-trusted brand that supplies turbine generators to needing industries. Its XQ5200 generator, for instance, uses Solar 5.2 MW Taurus 60 gas turbine which has all the qualities of economical and reliable generators that industries typically need.

The XQ5200 is easy to install and relocate—a perfect solution to remote power users. This is afforded by its modular design that allows for effortless setup and power up. It starts up in as short as six minutes from cold start, and can be operated remotely. Operations are bound to be smooth as the XQ5200 uses the SoLoNo combustion system and has no visible emissions.

A great advantage of people who rent CAT generators is the full systems solution that it provides, from the setup and commissioning to the maintenance of the unit. Transformers are also available as are operators for ease of setup and use.