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Anatomy Of The Caterpillar XQ2000 Rental Equipment

Caterpillar is the world leader in power generator units for rent. These are being used by industries all over the world for turnkey solutions to their power demands, ensuring that their deliverables are on time and are of the highest possible quality.

The Caterpillar XQ2000 Rental Equipment

One of Caterpillar’s power generator units used in the Asia Pacific Region is the XQ2000, specifically built with rugged features to withstand extreme conditions at remote locations. This particular Caterpillar unit was factory designed and tested with torsional analysis. Extremely portable, it comes in a package that is ready for connection to fuel and power lines upon delivery.

After all, portability, reliability, and economy are three of the most critical considerations that industries who rent power are looking for.

Features Of The XQ2000 Rental Equipment

The XQ2000′s compact, four-stroke-cycle Caterpillar 3516B turbocharged, after-cooled diesel engine is sturdy and with manageable weight. Such fuel system also runs on various fuels, making it a flexible choice too.

The Caterpillar SR4B Generator is single-bearing, wye-connected, static regulated, brushless, and permanent magnet excited. This generator was created to be fully compatible with Caterpillar diesel engines.

The caterpillar cooling system inside the XQ2000 was sized in order to be compatible to the rating with energy efficient fan and core. Its switchgear, meanwhile, gives single-unit or multi-unit or multi-utility paralleling capability. It is equipped with the following operational modes: standby, load sense/load demand, import, export, and base load modes. One can also equip it with a Basler Utility Multifunction Relay (UMR) IPS-100.

The XQ2000 is also equipped with the exclusive Caterpillar digital voltage regulator (CDVR). The CDVR has a three-phase sensing and adjustable volts-per-hertz regulation to provide precise control, block loading, and constant voltage under normal operations.

Finally, the XQ2000 also has a sound attenuated container that allows for ease of transportation as well as protection. This meets 75 decibels at 15 metres or below as per the SAE J1074 measurement procedure, at 110% prime load.