Turbine Generator

Turbines Generator

Facts That You Need To Know About Turbines Generator

Man has come a long way from the dark ages. Men today are almost entirely dependent on technology which apparently, cannot work without electricity. Nowadays, technology has become a necessity that it is difficult to go on with activities of daily life without it. Devoid of electricity, it seems as if it is already the end of the world but, because of man’s ingenuity people do not need to experience loss of electricity anymore. Electric generators are the answer to the modern man’s woes.

Turbines Generator: How It Works

An electric generator produces energy by converting mechanical energy to electrical energy. Mechanical energy is the sum of energy in a mechanical system. It is a kind of energy that is created by the physical movement of machines. Which, in the case of generators, are turbines that are driven by an external force like steam gas or water. Electrical charges are produced that flow through an electrical circuit.

Types Of Turbines Generator

Fundamentally, there are many kinds of generators. Among these is the exceptionally reliable power source called gas turbine power generator. This generator is easy to install as there’s no need for any concrete foundation during the installation process. It utilises steam or heavy duty gas that produces low cost electricity. Its combustion system allows it to have low toxic emissions of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

Also, gas turbines offer fuel flexibility, so it allows the use of diesel too. With its low operating pressure and high operation speeds, this generator is perfect for industrial applications.

Gas turbines have two types of cooling systems the liquid cooled generators and the hydrogen cooling generators. Liquid cooling system utilises deionised water that flows through copper strands whereby, a thermal fluid flow technique improves overall performance. The self-pumping system dismisses the use of stage fans and compressors and this makes it more reliable and economical. The other cooling system is one that utilises hydrogen. The interior of this generator is sealed, as such; dust, humidity and other substances cannot pass through it making it more durable.