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Caterpillar Diesel Engine

Caterpillar Diesel Engine

The Basics of the Caterpillar Diesel Engine

This engine is one of the most important items made by Caterpillar.

Perhaps the most fundamental pieces of equipment to be crafted in the last century are the Caterpillar Diesel Engine. Not only do these engines help their line of vehicles and generators operate at peak levels, but these engines have helped beyond that.

Caterpillar Diesel Engine Started with a Concept

The technology of the diesel engine stems from the work of Rudolph Diesel. Based on his designs, these engines would consume less fuel in comparison to coal and steam, while giving automobiles a needed burst to power.

The manufacturers at Caterpillar took this idea and concept and helped to improve on the diesel engine. Through their hard work and dedication, the engine helped to evolve the automobile industry in the 20th century. Not only do their engines appear in their own line of products, but they can be found in marine vessels, semi-trucks, locomotives and these engines have even been found used in power plants.

Innovative Leaders And Caterpillar Diesel Engine

By 2004, federal guidelines were put into place that required all engine manufacturers to meet new standards. Caterpillar decided to exceed this by releasing a diesel engine that blew past all the emission standards that were required. This earned them the respect of the industry and they continued to protect the environment by adding second generation of ACERT motors that were even stricter on emissions.

Innovators in the industry, you know that Caterpillar remains focused on delivering quality and excellence in all of their products. This is a company you can trust to create dependable parts that will help your equipment to operate at peak performance for a lifetime, if you properly maintain it. Perhaps that is why so many construction companies choose the Caterpillar line for all their construction equipment needs.