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Caterpillar Diesel Generator Set

Caterpillar Diesel Generator Set

Keeping Your Caterpillar Diesel Generator Set in Good Repair

To expend the life and reliability of your generator set, consider these vital steps.

If you want your diesel generator set to last for decades, you need to ensure you keep up with its maintenance. All of these items should be done in addition to any maintenance you are already doing.

Daily Maintenance Of Caterpillar Diesel Generator Set

On a daily basis, a general inspection should be done on your diesel generator set. This should be a review for damage or signs of corrosion on the unit. At the same time, oil and fuel levels should be checked, while you verify that there are no leaks in the air piping. If the exterior of the units are becoming too dirty, you should rinse them off regularly to reduce the risk of contamination.

Weekly Maintenance Of Caterpillar Diesel Generator Set

Your weekly maintenance should include draining the system. This includes the area around the fuel filter and the tank itself. While you are doing this, check to ensure that the air cleaner doesn’t have any contaminants and that the battery charger is giving a solid reading. Be sure to maintain the areas around the generator set once a week to keep it free from potential hazards.

Monthly Maintenance Of Caterpillar Diesel Generator Set

For your diesel generator set, you should be checking the coolant levels each month and replenishing it, should it be getting low. It will also important to ensure that your exhaust is being drained and that the drive belt is being checked to ensure that it isn’t wearing down. If needed, you can change coolant and oil at this time, in addition to the filters in the system.

By keeping up on these items, you can keep your generators at peak performance. That way, when you need them the most, you can ensure that they are going to operate properly.