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Diesel Engine Generator

Diesel Engine Generator As Reliable Electric Power Source

Modern society is unquestionably dependent on electricity. Unfortunately, there are times when electric power is either inaccessible or unreliable. So rather than fully rely on electric companies, it’s more sensible to have a Plan B, just in case. This is where power engine generators come in. Also known as gensets, these engine generators provide electric power whenever and wherever needed. There are several types of generators, and one of them is the Diesel Engine Generator.

Advantages Of A Diesel Engine Generator?

Simply put, a diesel generator generates electric current by using a diesel engine. It is a reliable temporary power source because it can produce continuous voltage power without current spikes. As it doesn’t use spark wires or plugs, there is also no sparking as the fuel auto-ignites. Because of its consistency in generating power, it is mostly used in remote locations that have no access to power grids and in industries where continuous power supply is crucial.

Diesel generators are more durable than gas engine generators and their maintenance cost is cheaper. They are projected to last for years with regular maintenance. These gensets can run for long hours because it can cool down quickly. Diesel is also cheaper than gasoline, allowing users to save up to 30% of their expense cost. Moreover, a diesel generator burns less than half of gas compared to gas generators while doing the same amount of work.

Disadvantages Of A Diesel Engine Generator

While diesel generators produce adequate power supply from 15Kw to 2000Kw, they are more suitable for industrial applications. They emit hazardous gas exhaust, which is risky for home use. Also, diesel gensets produce loud noise so they’re not recommended for use in residential areas.

The initial cost and installation of a diesel generator is substantially higher than other generator types. However, it is regarded as good investments as it lasts for a very long time with just minimum maintenance and occasional repairs. It is also very reliable in terms of power supply.